…when my whole body craves for something…

so Ramadhan is here again. and this year, i’m welcoming it with a little twist (of which i regard as very much twisted sometimes =S).

It is this time that majority of the people that surrounds me, take the opportunity to sharpen their devotion to The One and Only. It is regarded as the Holiest month, for a reason. At the same time, we’re also spoilt with lots and lots of choices for food to savour ourselves for the break of fast.

Oh well, not just food.

For me, this year, I crave for more than that. My whole body craves to shop. Not limited to increasing my wardrobe index to accommodate for my expanding body, i also crave to shop for others. weird right? this day alone, I had the strong urge to buy myself and hubby a pair of tickets to the UK to go for a long, nice shopping spree at Bicester Village. OMG it’s really bitting me into pieces that itches!

so i’ve a friend who’s on a biz trip to the US where most of the nice stuff are much cheaper. and i’ve a brother who’s coming back from the UK where most of the nice stuff (not necessarily cheaper), are at. *sighs*. and what does it do to my wallet? it takes all the unwanted reactions out of my hubster.

i officially hate this month! period.


is it a problem or is it a challenge?

for the pessimists, anything that comes in the way of the things they want, is perceived as a problem. however, for the optimists, they tend to sugarcoat stuff, make things sound all nice and take things as a challenge, even though it comes as a threat.

so which category are you in?

of course, we’re human. we have emotions and we sometimes think with emotions (esp us, women).  regardless of what kind of problems you are in, there’s always a bright side to it. it’s just not seen when you’re in it and when you try so hard to decipher it.. try to take a chill pill and rethink once your problems start to uncloud your mind.

pain is best taken (or given to you) when you’re sane. you’ll see the best of it then. or else, you won’t even feel it. no thrill to that.

ok i sound like a motivator. i should stop. but there’s a reason why i write this during the time my mind is clear. coz i know when it’s not, i have this article to go back to and keep me on the ground.

it’s out.

nope. im not talking about soccer.

in case you’re wondering, i’d pretty much appreciate it if you’d stop assuming and just ask. if you have and haven’t gotten a definitive answer when you’d asked me before, it’s because i wasn’t ready.

if you ask me now, if you’re lucky, i’d be able to put all ur assumptions to end.

So Ask Away!

’tis the season to ….. have kids!

i still remember last year, when i was so busy preparing for my wedding. when majority of my friends are also getting married on the same year. some earlier, some on the same day and some a wee bit later – all trying to squeeze in before the ramadhan reappears.

a general question that was asked amongst friends :

” will you be planning for a baby or just go with the flow? “

my answer :

straight and simple. Not planning.

Reason? hmmmm many makes up the reason why we didn’t want to plan. the most obvious is that i’m happiest when im with kids. i love kids and i’d like to have one (or more, insyaAllah) of my own.

OK. So back to the topic.

There were a few who said they’d wait. One said 1 year, another said 3 years, some said not waiting at all! if possible nak bunting pelamin malam tu jugak! haha.

so, yea.. nearly one year had passed. i think, out of 10 people who got married approximately the same time we did, 6 have safely delivered beautiful babies – Congratulations to all new moms. it’s like everyweek, there’s at least one person who pops. i’m extremely happy for them! so, now the questions come back rolling to me..

“when’re YOU having a baby?”

My answer, as usual, straight and simple :

“Soooon.. InsyaAllah. Depends on rezeki. Amin

And for those expecting one soon, wishing u the best.. *wink*

this post is a tribute to all new mommies out there, esp my dearest friends : Sara, Haizura, Huda, Nisa, Emi and also not so new mommy, Mimi.

..i am a last minute person..

if i have 380 days in a year, and i am due to do something within that time frame, i’d most probably do it on the 375th day. isn’t that typical?

..when dreams come to life..

it was one of those nights that I got asleep before I could even realize I was sleepy. I got into a deep sleep, and the next thing I knew, some annoying sound poked my ears, accompanied with some vibrating motions..

It was 630am. I was awaken by the sound of my phone’s alarm clock which had just gotten louder and louder that I felt like throwing it to make the sound stop. It was time for subuh as I knew it, but ‘something’ told me to snooze the alarm clock for just another 5 more minutes. So I did.. And got back into slumberland after watching over hubby next to me snoring away..

It was within THAT long 5 minutes (or so I thought) that I had “IT”..

I was swept away with a very disturbing dream. It was long and winded and unreal and annoying. Everyone I came across since the beginning of my life somehow got a role in that dream. Its felt like all the people around me today are putting up a show within it. Most importantly it was weird and ‘unforgiving’ – for some reason.. I do not wish to relive that dream, so I think its best if I just keep it within me.

And apparently, I woke up with a wet cheek and tears strolling down onto the pillow.. I had been heavily crying eversince God-knows-when. I was weeping. It was already bright and I immediately realized I missed my subuh. So did hubby. Haha.

So, yeah.. Don’t you just hate those kinds of vivid dreams? It tends to stay on ur mind the whole day, and makes u feel like crap, no doubt. And due to that, I get emotional for the weirdest reason! Erggghh!

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..when an anniversary means something this year..

i love july. i never thought i liked it before. but beginning from this year, i looove july. all these while, june has been my best month of all 12 – for some obvious reasons. this year, july marks an important milestone in my life – my marriage life.

at this very day, last year, i had a big fight with my wedding dress designer due to missed commitments. it was the biggest fight i ever had with any unsignificant individual, for that matter. it was also this week, last year that i had just received my wedding invitation cards, after numerous calls and threats to the printer in Bandung, Indonesia. haha. thinking back, it made me realized how much of a bridezilla i was.

so yea, this 31st July, it will mark my 365th day as a wife. today is my 336th day and a lot has changed, a lot has happened. needless to confirm, every marriage seem to have a mind of its own. a mind that’s made out of the couple’s glee, comfort, gratification, collaboration, ego, woes, acceptance, pride and also –the most importantunderstanding & cooperation. it was these values that sculpted the couple’s marriage, whether one likes it or not.

regardless, i am happy with what i have and what i live by everyday. and i can never thank Him enough for what he has given to US by uniting us in this tie. though many a time it was challenging, but only He can bring everything back to track with His guidance to inject endurance in us.

The Day We Got Officially United

My Expansion

Last year, when I ballooned up due to hormonal changes, everyone was asking me if I was pregnant. I got soo annoyed that I only gave them ‘the look’.

Well, I’m actually glad I did dat coz now as I continue to balloon up, no one dared to stare to let me know they recognize the change, let alone asking if I was pregnant. Haha padan muke.

I remembered making a status update on this matter on my FB and got a whopping response from annoyed friends alike. I’m glad I’m a female, that I have my femmenista friends around to support me to share mutual agreements. *Phewhs.. *

So babes, the next time anyone talks abt how u look like u’ve put on weight, put on your fiercest look, and soon u’ll be juussst finneee..

Its 2H10 (!)

Today is the first day of 2H10.  And today marks the first day of my public blogging. Yea I’ve tried blogging previously but I found myself not able to cope up with the fact that people know what goes on around your everyday life.  To me, blogging seemed.. public.

But somehow, somewhere deep within me, I realized that I like to write. I do not have the capability and the vocab of a grrreeaaatt write up, but I like to write what I think about, most of which are rants and complaints and all the inner anger that I can’t vent out to the specific people I know. So, if you’ve anything to comment about what I write, you’re more than welcome to drop in a few lines so that I am kept grounded (as I get carried away sooo easily).